Lazarus Gallery at United Hebrew

Enhancing Lives Through Art

Art enhances the quality of life of our residents, their families, and individuals in the community who visit our campus. The Lazarus Gallery at United Hebrew is an integral part of life here. It is designed to spark the imagination, lift the spirit, and nurture a lifelong love of learning.

The Lazarus Gallery presents several exhibitions a year, featuring a rich array of art created in a variety of media: watercolor, ceramics, mixed media, sculpture, encaustic, jewelry, fiber art, photography, and more. Robin Zane, Curator, and Jodi Moise, Gallery Advisor organize the shows which are intended to engage visitors, trigger memories, add beauty to the United Hebrew campus, and bring the community together.

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New York State of Mind

United Hebrew of New Rochelle presents “New York State of Mind,” a collection of photographs by award-winning photographer, Enid Alvarez, on display through January 4, 2018.

The exhibition will feature photos that depict the diversity of experiences of people living in New York City, such as dogs frolicking in a Manhattan dog park; children jumping rope at a music festival in Brooklyn; a man rolling cigars in the Bronx; a little girl on a playground swing in Queens, and neighbors dancing together at night in East Harlem.

Among the works is a photograph of children in Spanish Harlem caught in the spray of a fire hydrant, an award-winning image captured by Alvarez while the Puerto Rican parade was taking place a few blocks away. After photographing the parade, she happened upon the scene and captured its jubilant mood with her camera. She says it offered an opportunity to “go back to her roots,” and revisit memories she had of growing up in the South Bronx. “Simple pleasures like cooling off on a hot summer’s day were all we had,” says Alvarez. “This photo captures the feeling of an urban neighborhood and the playfulness of childhood.”

Collectively, Alvarez says, the images in this exhibition “show us that although we are living in a rapidly changing world, our basic human interactions and emotions are timeless. I believe that my work shows that as humans, we are of one world and we are all connected. We are all the same.

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“When planning an exhibition for the Lazarus Gallery we are mindful of our audience. We begin with colors and materials that create texture that engage our residents, their families and staff, which we hope will remind viewers of precious experiences, recent and past.’

Robin Zane,

Art Classes Seniors

Teaching artist Vicky Youngman at the opening of ‘Art Fired Up,’ held Oct. 2015 – Mar. 2016 in the Lazarus Gallery.